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    Wireless AP Monitoring Enhancements


      Currently, at least for us, the ability to actually monitor a wireless AP (in our case Cisco - for now) is very limited. If an AP becomes disassociated from the wireless controller there is no indication or way to monitor it. This has happened numerous times to us and we had no idea we lost visibility of our wireless network.

      The solution proposed by support was to add each AP into Orion as a separate device.  If we go down that road, what is the advantage of using the built in wireless monitoring in Orion?  And while this may seem ok on the surface it has quite a few negatives.

      • Uses up a node in our license count - we don't expect anything for free but we also don't want to pay twice to monitor a device
      • Requires you to manager two different devices in Orion.
      • Requires setting up different alerts.

      And it's just not real polished.

      We'd like some type of deeper monitoring via the wireless monitoring capabilities of Orion.