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    Aggregate charts not auto hiding after upgrade to 10.2


      So I just upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2 and now all my aggregate charts are not auto hiding like they used to. Now they show up on every node details page, not just the ones they are charting.

      Here is my setup

      I have 4 interfaces from Node A on one aggregate chart for Avg Bps.

      I have 4 interfaces from Node B on another aggregate chart for Avg Bps.

      Both have been added to the Node Details view.

      Both are set to auto hide and both have the option "Only show items listed above that are related to this view." checked.


      When I go to Node A details, I see the aggregate chart with data for the 4 interfaces on node A. However, I also see a chart for Node B but the chart is empty saying "No Data for selected time period"

      If I go to Node B details, the opposite happens. I see the Node A chart with no data and I see the Node B chart with the right data.