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    Enhancement Requests


      On the Advance Alerting Manager, Actions, the following items could use their Message text window modified to include a scroll bar in cases where the text exceeds the displayed area, and/or allow those windows to be resized.

      • Send an E-Mail / Page
      • Log the Alert to a file
      • Windows Event Log
      • Log the Alert to the NetPerfMon Event Log

      On website under Alerts view, allow sorting by any column instead of the default alphabetical order for Network Object, maybe by clicking on the column name, or an ajax web control to allow grouping of alerts similar to the view used when you open the alerts in the advanced alert manager.

      In the Advanced Alerts, the ability to check to see if another alert has been triggered via a simple or complex condition. This would allow for alert priority, ex. in a condition group: "Current Alerts" <condition> "Alert A"