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    Multiple NPM instances consolidation



      Currently we have multiple environments, which require that we have separate management applications in each environment.  Many of these management applications have and instance (or more) in each environment... currently we have 5 instances of NPM running.  

      We are consolidating these management applications.

      I will be moving our biggest database from one server to another, but I'm unsure as to the best way to move the data from the smaller databases into the bigger one to get down to 1 or 2 databases, and 1 or 2 instances of NPM.

      Is there a way to mass export nodes and statistical data to import it into another database, or merge the smaller databases into the bigger one?



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          We are looking to merge environments also.  Just searching around to see if this is possible now.  Two companies both using Solarwinds have merged and need one environment.



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            Have the same issue: merge two installations. How do we do that?



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              I had the same need.  I contacted support.  They were UTTERLY USELESS not very helpful.  I am feeling buyers' remorse over obtaining Solarwinds.  Sure wish I could have gotten Riverbed.

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                There are so many variables involved when doing this.  Are they all running the exact same version of NPM?  Do they all have the exact same layout and custom properties?  When you have different database schema in different databases I don't care who you are... even for the best DBA's out there this is not a trivial problem... you can't just push a magic button and every mismatch and conflict works its self out in just the way you want somewhere in the back of your mind to satisfy everyone you're doing it for.  If you think that's how things work I don't think anyone can help you.


                Otherwise my advice would be to work toward getting all of the smaller NPM's nodes into the one biggest most important NPM instance... the big one you have running today... that will eventually hold all the nodes. (Setup the way you would like them all to be).

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                  I do not think that you can merge NPM databases... More than likely, you will end up having to perform discovery jobs for the nodes you wish to "move" to the new NPM instance.  However, there are may variables to consider before even attempting to do a massive move of nodes to the new NPM instance...


                  • SQL server sizing --  Does the SQL server has enough CPU, RAM, disk space, etc. so it can support all the new nodes?
                  • Additional Polling engines -- Do you have enough of these or will you need to purchase more before proceeding?
                  • Are all the new nodes configured to accept SNPM-based polling from the new NPM servers (and polling engines)?
                  • Are the new nodes configured to send SNPM traps and/or Syslog messages to the new NPM servers?
                  • Are there any modules that you need to migrate from the "old"  NPM instance to the new one? i.e. IPAM, SAM, NTA, etc.
                  • Are there any firewall changes needed, allowing SNMP, ICMP and Syslog, etc. traffic between the nodes an the new NPM server?
                  • Will there be any Active Directory concerns to be addressed?
                  • Polling alerts , Syslog alerts and/or SNMP traps -- Do you need to export some of these to the new NPM instance?
                  • Other issues -- i.e. Custom scripts, integration w/third party apps, etc.


                  As you can tell, there are too many variables to consider before offering "best approach".  You should have answers to the above questions before do you anything else.  Perhaps your SW account manager might setup a call between yourself and the SW application engineers and/or NPM developers, which might help you visualize what you need to do.  However, this is no small feat; I sure do not envy you, but I wish you the very best on this project.