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    Datastore IOPs daily


      Hi Guys

      i want to work out what each datastore's iops are for the day and over maybe a week or month. Anyone any tips on how to build a query to do this and add the widget to the storage dashboard

      excuse my ignorance i'm new to hyper 9/virtualization manager




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          Let's walk through it

          I would add a widget to your dashboard to do this.  The widget you want to add in the Top N widget

          This brings up the Top N widget configuration dialog - click on the query tab, select datastores and a search query of * to show all the datastores in your environment.

          Let's now pick a sort field - we can sort on the daily IOPs.

          Now we have all of our datastores sorted by the daily average IOPs.

          Now let's add on 2 additional columns for the average weekly and monthly IOPs. (add 2 additional attributes in the columns configuration tab - the same way we added the daily but now we choose weekly and monthly for the same IOPs attribute)

          Which yields the final widget

          Let me know if this meets the need.