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    Comparison report:  Comparing Caption to DNS


      So I need some help with a report and want to know if what I am asking is even possible.  We have hundreds of nodes that have multiple IPs (I know a whole different problem completely) and each IP is represented by a different DNS name (website instances and the like).

      My issue is by default Solarwinds utilizes the sysname for the caption not the DNS so I have devices in monitoring with the same name 6 times but they all have different DNS names when you pull up the devices.  

      I have tried writing a simple report to show me the discrepancies.

      Select * from Nodes

      Where Caption <> DNS

      Which does work but there is a problem my captions don't have the DNS suffix after them so none of them match.  I need a way to write the query where it doesn't look at the .domainname.com portion and only compares the value in front of that.  

      Here is an example

      Caption NodeA   DNS NodeA.domain.com  this would be a normal entry that I don't want to examine in my report.

      Caption NodeA  DNS NodeAProduction.domain.com this is an example of a node that has a another IP on the same device that does need to be monitored and these are the entries I need to find with a query.

      I hope I have explained this clearly and that one of the SQL gurus can help if this is indeed possible.  Once I have the queries I can update the nodes either manually or with an update statement.  Problem is when I run that report right now I have over 3000 discrepancies and I need to know which ones are truly problematic.

      Thanks in advance.