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    How does IpMonitor works?


      Hi all, 

      Not sure if this is already been asked or not, but I can't find an answer on the forum. 

      1. Does each devices that I want to monitor in the domain have to download and install IpMonitor? Currently, I can only monitor one computer which has ipmonitor installed, and then when I try add new devices in the web interface, it says "The Credential is not available for RPC impersonation." What can i do to go around that? my credential is already an admin. 

      2. Does the IpMonitor web interface have to be open, for it to record datas? Because apparently, I've left my computer on for 3 days with CPU running on 100% using a torture test(the ipMonitor web interface was closed, however, the "ipmonitor watch dog" is still running), and the IpMonitor didnt' record any data, but then when I open the ipMonitor today for an hour or so, it started to record the data immediately. 

      3. Does this only work on windows? How about mac?

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          1. No the devices you are wanting to monitor do not have to have IPMonitor installed. You only need that installed on the machine you want to monitor from. All the client machines/appliance/etc just need to be setup to use RPC/WMI or SNMP. For best results i would use SNMP, it uses less resources than RPC/WMI and is quicker in my opinion. For the credentials it is trying to use RPC/WMI and you will have to add a Credential that has permissions on each device you are wanting to monitor. You can add a credential by going to the CONFIGURATION tab and then select CREDENTIAL LIST to add some. Again you can use SNMP to monitor a lot of things but if you want to monitor Files/Folders/Logs/etc...you will have to add Credentials for those.

          2.  No it does not have to be open to record data. You do have to select the option for it to save hostorical data for each monitor though. If your install is not recording data even though the option is selected then you need to contact support because you should not need to leave the web interface up for that to happen.

          3. Not sure about MACs as i dont monitor any but im guessing MACs can run SNMP in which case you could still monitor them.