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    Aerohive and NPM's wireless


      We are moving from Cisco APs to Aerohive, and by default NPM populates the wireless view with the Aerohive APs.  However there are several problems:

      1) The APs are detected as model 20 even though they are all model 120.  We may end up with other models in the future.

      2) There is no client information displayed for any of the APs in the Wireless view.  Using the Orion Universal Device Poller, I was able to locate OIDs that show the client's information.

      3) Aerohive seems to automatically append an @ at the end of the SNMP location string causing Solarwinds to create a new location for the Aerohive APs instead of combining them with the current Cisco APs in the matching location.  I understand this is not a Solarwinds problem, but I was hoping something could be done about it from Solarwind's perspective.

      I can setup custom polling to capture the SNMP information, but I would prefer integration into the Wireless views because that is what our support staff use (plus it's a decent wireless management interface).

      Is there any chance Aerohive support could be extended in NPM or is it possible for me to setup custom polling such that the Wireless views will show the APs and connected clients just like it does for our Cisco APs?

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          Same problem here with Aerohive AP's. I'm going to log this as a support call.

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            Hi BonjMoo,


            1)   The issue with the AP detection coming up with the wrong Model will be the information provided to NPM from the system OID.     An SNMP Walk will disclose what NPM is seeing and get that over to Support.


            2) Unfortunately NPM doesnt offer out of the box wireless support for Aerohive.   NPM Currently supports Cisco, Aruba, Meru and HP 420 Wireless.  However as you are aware,  we can  monitor them using snmp and obtain performance information from them using a unDp custom poller.   Out of Interest what OID's were you polling with unDp?  Did you load them to the content exchange?

            3)To over come the incorrect data in your location string, you can use custom properties and filters to hide that.

            1. Create a new Custom Property called "Custom_Location"

            2. Populate that custom property with the location of  the Aerohive AP's

            3. Select the customize this page icon, and clone the all nodes view

            4. Go back to your  home page, and edit your original All node tree list and filter out the AeroHive vendor with an sql filter "Vendor <> 'xxx'  xxx is the vendor name for Aerohive

            5. SAve the node list and do the same to your cloned node list but this time use a filter that says "Vendor = 'xxx'   That will give the Aerohive's AP's their own "Window" and then ensure that you set your grouping to use your new custom location field




            Hope this helps.

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              For BonjiMoo,


              We use Aerohive for our wireless, and we have brought the SNMP issue up with our support team.  They have made Aerohive engineering aware of the problem and hopefully will resolve this in a future release.   They weren't aware of this issue until we mentioned to our support person.

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                Any progress on this?  We are currently AeroHive's largest customer with around 3500 APs with plans to expand to around 7000.  Being able to see the clients connected to an AP would be nice.

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                  We'd like to see out of the box NPM support for Aerohive as well.  We use custom pollers and custom reports to show active users, but it would be much nicer to see the standard views populated with this data as well.

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                    The appending of the "@" symbol is not a Solarwinds issue but an Aerohive issue.  This has been resolved if you go into Modify on the access point and then Advanced Settings.  Under Advanced Settings, there is a checkbox that says "Use Location and Topology Map settings to configure the SNMP location for the device".  If you uncheck it, then the AP's will use the SNMP location information without appending the @ information. 


                    I am running 11.5 and it does support Aerohive.  However, I discovered that it only works with about half of our access points.  I have a case open with Solarwinds on this, and I have opened one with Aerohive to get the OID that is supposed to be polled for this to work.