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    Custom views after 10.2 upgrade


      Has anyone experienced problems with views in IE9 after upgrading to 10.2?  Any view we had created that was multiple columns is now only showing in one column.  We've changed the column number just to see if there was a difference, but no change.  We've also flipped compatibility mode in IE with no change in the result.

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          At the bottom does it have a button to say to display the whole website? I have tested with 10.2 and IE 9 and it works fin, but it sounds like it is going into Mobile Mode. Please do the following to reset the Website:

          1. Please go into Control      Panel> Administrative Tools> IIS Manager. Expand Local Computer>      Web Sites, then Right Click on Solarwinds NetPerfMon and select Delete.
            1. Server 2003: In       the IIS Manager, Right Click on the Local Computer, and select All       Tasks> Restart IIS. In the Popup select Restart Internet Services on       (Server Name).
            2. Server 2008: In the IIS       Manager, Right Click on the Local Computer, and select Stop, then Right       Click again and select Start.
          1. Go into C:\Inetpub and Rename      Solarwinds Folder to SolarwindsOld.
          1. Go into Start>      Programs> Solarwinds Orion> Configuration and Auto-Discovery>      Configuration Wizard.
          1. Select Website> make sure      that the setting are correct and Select Next, and Yes to any Popups and      select Next Again.