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    Weird random erros on a couple of windows machines



      relatively new IP monitor user here.

      Set up all my core monitoring a month ago, and all working as expected for a while, but in the last week I have a couple of weird failures that are coming up, similar in nature.

      One is a windows 2003 server with a historical sharepoint app on it.  Occasionally, it will fail all but the ping test (eg processor, disk space) with an access denied error.  Then it comes back a short while later.

      Similarly, another windows 7 machine fails a most test as well on a random basis, and then comes back.  In that case it seems to be reporting "The RPC server is unavailable."


      In both cases the content of these machines is very static, and so I am not picking what changes might be triggering these seemingly random events.

      thoughts appreciated


      Andrew McKenzie