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    1-Error Unabel to get activities for list



      I found your really cool tool and I hope your are still developing this great peace of software. Maybe I will purchase ten licens of cattools. My first test works only the half way.I tried to backup a config file from a cisco router. It is so easy to setup great!

      The software logged into the device and save the config. Then a failure occurs.

      I think the tool is in a loop because if I don't hit the okay button it creates hundreds of error messages.


      Any solution? 


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          Steve Welsh

          Hi sharky1337,

          I checked the CatTools code and it appears to be an issue relating to the selecting of the activities from your database.

          Which version of CatTools are you running?

          Also, can you tell me the current size of the CatTools database please (it should be called KiwiDB-CatTools.kdb and located in the CatTools main install folder). 



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              Hello sparta, 


              thank you for your response. I restarted my virtual machine and the failure was gone. 


              I have to use CatTools with Paralells because I have a macbook. I'm  trying to build my own scripts. A very big problem appears if I change anything in my device or client script. I need to restart my hole vm. Cat tools doesn't recognise my changes after normal "exit and open again". Does that behaivor belongs to the virtual machine? Any idea how I can fix it ?


              regards sharky

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                  Steve Welsh

                  Hi sharky,

                  I use VM for a range of CatTools testing and development work, so I don't think its a VM issue.

                  If you update a .txt script (activity or device) CatTools should pick up the change as soon as you drop it into the 'Scripts' folder.

                  The INI files are a little different in that if you create a new one, you do need to restart CatTools in order for the new INI file to be picked up within the 'Device Type' or 'Activities' drop-down lists of available items.