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    NCM 7 RC - Schedule Jobs


      Couple of quirks in first using NCM 7 RC3

      1) Old Schduled jobs gone. Have the config files but they have disappeared

      2) Something is not quite righte with the way the inventory runs. I created a CDP only inventory job which ran Ok. Ran a report and got no CDP information at all. I ran a manually inventory on one device and the report populated with that devices CDP info only. I tried a few more and they appeared as well. The main inventory job is due to run at 2am but I'm going to stop that for now.

      Any thoughts?

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          1) Did you do a run through a standard upgrade process?  If you were to uninstall NCM 6.1 first and then install 7.0 you may see this. If you did a standard upgrade and this is still the case we would appreciate if you could create a support case so we can investigate the install logs.

          To get your jobs functioning again you can:

          Copy all files: ( assumes default install locations)


          C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Configuration Management\Jobs


          C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\NCM\Jobs folder

          2. This looks like an issue we are currently investigating but also appeared in NCM 6.1. If you could please open a support case we can help you investigate this.


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              Hi Matt

              1) yes Standard install (sort of) but it failed to work and kept complaining about not being able to access the license and I couldn't start NCM of access it. So I uninstalled, re-installed and all worked fine second time. I think it was to do with the directory we installed NCM 6 in and now after the second install I have NCM installed in a subdirectory of the old "configuration manager" directory which is messy, but works. Copied the jobs from the old director and all jobs appear fine. Will need to think about cleaning this up in future but might best to re-install again when I have time.

              NCM in on One server (historic), NPM and module is on another server, and the Database for both is on a third server.

              2) Will raise a support call. Have also noticed that although manual inventory makes devices appear on the CDP report, running the automatic inventory makes them disappear again. Strange!!