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    NPM10.2 - System OID in Node Details resource


      Hi guys,

      It would be AWESOME if you could include the System OID in the Node Details resource. There is no painless way of getting it, now that System Manager no longer exists..............................
      I know there's the System OID gouping for the views but if you have several nodes in a group then you wouldn't be able to find the right OID that you are looking for, even if you hover the cursor on the node, after clicking on a hundred nodes in that group.


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          I think, it makes sense to show SysObjectID in Node Details resource. Below are steps how you can change Node Details on your own.

          Steps to add SysObjectID to Node Details resource:
          1) Open Node Details resource file for editing (C:\Inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\Resources\NodeDetails\NodeDetails.ascx)
          2) Insert below code to appropriate place in NodeDetails.ascx file
                <td class="Property" width="10"> </td>
                <td class="PropertyHeader" nowrap>SysObjectID</td>
                <td class="Property"> </td>
                <td class="Property"><%#Eval("SysObjectID")%> </td>
          3) Save the file and refresh Orion's Node Details view
          4) You should see new SysObjectID row in Node Details resource


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            I see value of having all info in one place (Node Details), but right now you can use existing System OID resource (from Node Detail Reports category) that you can add to aNode view.