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    NCM 7.0 RC3 Licensing


      Hello together,


      I just installed NCM 7.0 RC3 sucessfully on our production system.

      All worked fine. I have sucessfully activated the license via Internet.

      The Status of the license is installed but the product is in evaluation (mode).

      Is this a normal behaviour of the tmp. 7.0 license ?

      Now i have just 55 days left..



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          This is currently the expected behavior for RC keys.  They're time limited(there's 55 days left), but they still enforce your max license count.  We're looking at changing the wording around this so it's clear it is an RC key and not an evaluation.

          One other thing to remember, after release, you'll need to get your new key and update that.  If your RC key expires, NCM will stop functioning.