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    Too Many Volumes


      There's wat too many volumes being monitored by my NPM. I've been trying to find how these got into the databse to begin with but of more importance now is how can I get these out? I'm somewhat leary of just truncating the volumes table in SQL. I did a quick look at the volumes table in the SQL database. Is the NODEID listed there supposed to reference a NODEID in my nodes table? I'm no SQL guru and have only an "Access" level of SQL understanding. Any quick and dirty way to get these volumes out of my DB. I'm trying to get my node/monitored interfaces down to a dull scream from where they are now and volumes is the best place to start for me as no one really cares about how Orion sees the volumes.

      Thanks Much

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          You were right with the database,the volumes are tagged with the Nodes table.And trying to delete the volumes from the GUI too is going to be hectic.So I would suggest to open a support ticket and get the SQL query to clear the volumes.Would you also post back the ticket # with the solution.

          Thank you.