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    Down interface filter not working


      I added Down interfaces and created a filter DATEDIFF(day, InterfaceLastChange, getdate())  > '30’.  This basically shows all interfaces that have been in a ‘not-connected’ state for more than 30 days.  It has been working perfectly for a long time.  However we just upgraded to NPM 10.2, and it has stopped working.  Now it just shows all ‘not-connected’ interfaces, as if it is ignoring the filter completely.

      Anyone run into something similar?

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          After further investigation, I noticed that the filter is working fine; it is the ‘Last Changed’ field that is the culprit.  Before it looks like it was keeping track of the last interface change status, but now the ‘Last Change’ field is when the switch last rebooted.  As all of the switches have been rebooted over 30 days ago,  all interfaces are showing up, even when someone reboots their computer.

          This is frustrating…

          BTW, it could also be that we upgraded to NCM 6.1, not sure which upgrade broke this.