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    Using the Trap Viewer - Emailing Trap upon receiving



      I am using the Trap Viewer in the attempt to setup a rule which will create an e-mail in the event a netbotz camera detects the temperature in the data center has crossed a threshold.  I have configured the netbotz camera to send the trap and I see the trap in the trap viewer within the Orion server.

      My problem is that the alert action "Send E-Mail/Page" is not functioning correctly.  I know the issue is not with my SMTP setup as I am using the Advanced Alert Manager to send out automatic e-mails all the time.

      Back to the SNMP Trap Viewer.  I clicked on the received trap in the trap viewer and then right clicked on it and selected "add rule"

      Below are all the settings I have chosen for this, please point out anything I have forgotten. Thanks.

      I took screenshots instead of typing everything out.

      Below is the actual trap received by the Trap Viewer from within Orion.