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    UDT & VOIP Phones


      I have found an issue and I wonder if it is a known issue or a new bug.

      I now have UDT setup across all of our switches and I have found an issue. I will try and explain in detail.

      Currently my PC has a dedicated switch port, my VOIP desk phone also has a dedicated port. When I search in UDT for either my machine name, ip address or MAC Address I get the correct results back. However if I do a search for my VOIP phone's IP Address or MAC Address I get only layer 3 switch details (i.e. on the trunk links), if I browse directly to the Layer 2 switch it is connected to then I can see the mac / address and IP Address correctly assigned to the port.

      My Colleague (and other colleagues) have their PC's connected via the switchport on their VOIP phones. When I search in UDT for either the machine name, IP Address or MAC Address I only see the layer 3 device in the results not the layer 2 switch they are connected to. The same with the VOIP phone. However if I browse to the switch in NPM it shows both devices correctly assigned to the connected port.

      So could this be a bug whereby if a switchport has more than 1 address registered in the mac-address table it does not pull the info into UDT? and why does it not correctly show my VOIP Phone details in the search?

      We are starting to do a large deployment of VOIP phones whereby pc's will be connected via the switchport and this could cause me considerable issues if I can't track VOIP phones with UDT or PC's that are connected via the Phone.

      I'm not sure if this makes any difference but the VOIP Phones are Shortel and the PC's are Dell.