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    Storage Manager not displaying any perf data



      Storage manager has stopped collecting performance data. Statistics logging is enabled on the Clariion and the console tab shows information however when I go to the performance tab under the Resource Name i can't select anything and the graph is empty. I am running version 5.1.


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          Garrett Gross

          It sounds like you are not getting all of the data from the SMI-S provider.  I would try removing/re-adding the array, even re-installing the provider if that doesn't help.  

          When you query the provider on test class "cim_blockstoragestatisticaldata", does it return any data for that array?  If so - it may be a STM agent/server communication issue and you would want to contact our support staff by submitting a ticket at www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket/

          If it is NOT returning data for that array - your best bet would be to contact the array vendor (EMC in this case) as it seems the SMI-S provider is not functioning properly.