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    Installing *new* Applications once FOE is alreaady installed.


      Morning all



      I've read the above link to upgrading existing applications installed on your FOE primary/seconday setup, however I can't find anything that details what the process is for installing new modules.


      The server tech helped me build our 2008 server, install NPM, NCM and NTA and toolkit.  Created the secondary server via the restore during FOE install and its all good and working well.  Great.


      We've now purchased Solarwinds IPAM to replace an old clunky IPAM product.  I'm running SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.0, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.2, NTA 3.7


      so I want it installed as a module.


      As I have to install it on both servers, which server do I license this on as I'm making an assumption that once the license has been manually generated (servers do not have access to internet), then I'm not going to be able generate another one.


      I'm also going to be upgrading NTA, Toolkit, and at some point the new NCM and NPM , but these are already present on the 2 servers so the licensing part won't need to be done again during the iupgrade to these.


      Any help or advice greatly appreciated.