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    APM 4.2 Customer Training


      Originally Presented: October 27, 2011


      With our release Orion APM 4.2, we have added some
      awesome new features, and Josh Stephens and Jeremy Morrill couldn't wait to
      show them off. These features are all added with the central theme of making
      your life easier. From supplying you with new ways to monitor applications to
      making it easier to work with the information you collect. During this 60
      minute webinar we discuss:

      • Java Monitoring Capabilities such as JBoss, GlassFish, Apache Tomcat and more

      • New Expert Templates including SharePoint® 2010, Citrix™ XenApp 6.0, MySQL
      and many more

      • New Template Options

      • New Ways to Sort and Combine Statistical Data

      View Here:  http://www.solarwinds.com/resources/webcasts/apm-4-2-customer-training.html