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      I have some tasks I have to do on Cisco 12000, need to measure the amount ofassets in different VRF peers that are configured on the equipment.

      Anyone know an OID to allow me to make a graph of number of sessions establishedto include all the VRF? It would be equivalent to "show ip bgp summary vpnv4 all"

      Thanks in advance

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          Can you read this link to let us know which object name seems to be very close for the output of the command mentioned in you initial query.

          Here is one object name I was able to pick.Can you check this too.

          This table contains information about routes to destination networks from all BGP4 peers.
          Since BGP4 can carry routes for multiple Network Layer protocols , this table has the Address Family Identifier(AFI) of the Network Layer protocol as the first index.
          Further for a given AFI , routes carried by BGP4 are distinguished based on Subsequent Address Family Identifiers(SAFI).
          Hence that is used as the second index. Conceptually there is a separate Loc-RIB maintained by the BGP speaker for each combination of AFI and SAFI supported by it.