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    Announcing General Availability of NPM v10.2.


      We are proud to announce the General Availability of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor or NPM v10.2.  

      You can download this new release from your customer portal, if you have an active maintenance.

      You can find the full release notes here.

      The content of NPM 10.2 has been previously described in these blog postings: Orion NPM vNext Sign Up for Beta & – Tell us what you think on the feature Multi-CPU Polling, Orion NPM vNext Sign Up for Beta 3 & tell us what you think of improved Juniper support and many other features and improvements and Orion NPM 10.2 Beta – Managing your IPv6 Environment, but the most noticeable features are:

      Monitoring Enhancements

      ·         Discover and monitor IPv6 devices

      ·         Discover and monitor Windows servers using WMI

      ·         Gather statistics on a per-CPU basis for many devices

      ·         Send and receive SNMPv3 traps

      ·         Track and report interface availability

      ·         Topology improvements allow you to correctly see more network device connections

      ·         CPU/Memory resources now display memory data polled from Windows devices using the Volumes MIB, even if the volume is not managed by SolarWinds

      Wireless Monitoring Enhancements

      ·         Monitor HP 420 autonomous access points (AP)

      ·         Configure wireless-only data retention settings

      Improved Juniper Device Support

      ·         Monitor Juniper firewall sub-interfaces alongside your existing interfaces

      ·         Monitor CPU and memory data for JunOS and Netscreen devices

      Performance Improvements

      ·         Accelerated map rendering in the web console corrects many issues with incorrectly displayed map information

      ·         Improved web console view-loading performance

      We hope you enjoy this new release of NPM!