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    UDT port discovery issue with a Cisco Catalyst 37xx stack


      I'm having a random issue with two out of my 6 Cisco Catalyst 37xx stacks.  For whatever reason I was able to successfully discover ports on 4 of my Catalyst stacks that consist of 4 switches combined as one.  When running port discovery from UDT Settings it comes back saying "no ports discovered", I can SSH into the switch and see all interfaces without issue and know it is functional.  It is really throwing me off as I was able to run port discovery on the other 4 without issue.  To this point I attempted to completely delete the two nodes from NPM and from the DB; from there I brought them back in with a different polling engine and attempted discovery again with no luck.  Just wondering if anyone has ran into this before or should I call support.  Thanks in advance for any input anyone provides.