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    How to replicate NotePage PageGate with Orion FoE



      I'm hoping someone has had experience using PageGate on a NPM/NCM/IPSLA  FoE as I'm having trouble getting the PageGate database to replicate without getting "damaged".


      I have a physical to physical inplementation so used the install clone method. Before installing the FoE and perfroming the system back up I installed, configured and successfully tested NPM/NCM/IPSLA and PageGate on the primary node.


      After the FoE installation, including a successfull system restore, I could see that 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PageGate' had been copied to the secondary node but the 'C:\PageGateData' folder hadn't. So I configured a FoE file filter rule to synchronise the C:\PageGateData folder and all subdirectories which includes the PageGate database.   I also configured the PageGate service to failover.

      Unfortunalelty during a failover PageGate wont start on the secondary node. I get the error:  "Fatal Error.  Excessive database errors: 3050 Could not lock file in Procedure: open_database.  Program Halted."