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    Packet loss and latency report


      I have NPM and APM installed in my environment, can someone please let me know how to extract report about Packet loss and latency on my WAN nodes. These nodes are mainly VSAT modems and cisco routers.

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          In Report Writer on the Orion Server you can select one of the Historical Response Time Canned Reports, or you can select a New Report under Historical - Response Time and Packet Loss.

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              I am also looking for a way to report on packet loss, it does not seem possible.  I did the same mentioned above, exporting the data in the resource to but that's not actually a report.  I need to schedule a report and have it sent to someone, and I don't want to go into every node, monkey with the resource, export the data manually, etc.  I can't believe there's not a way to report on something such as this.  I did try to use the report writer, but couldn't find anything to report packet loss.  Obviously the data series is being captured, it can be displayed as a resource.  Why can't I get a report on this metric?