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    Device Temperature Report


      I am polling device temperature from all of our devices using the EnvMonTemperatureStatusValue poller.  I would like to create a report that will spit out the current temperature for all of my devices using Report Writer. 

      I saw a previous post from 2009 that suggested someone recreate a node status report as a temperature report.  It said to add a field for Status from the Custom Node Pollers menu under Custom Pollers (Current Status), easy enough but I don't have a Custom Node Pollers menu under Custom Pollers (Current Status).  Am I missing something?


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          Did you ever receive help for this? I'm trying to do the same thing...

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            numeric status is the field you want (which is the raw status in the table)

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              The problem is that you choose Current Status of Nodes, Volumes, etc., but you need Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, etc. This is different types of reports.

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                Steven Klassen

                na_krul has the right idea. Because custom pollers can only be applied to nodes and interfaces you need to use the type of report further down in the list (Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, etc.).  SolarWinds probably needs to make that more obvious or create an entirely separate report type.  Once you have the right canvas, the rest is straightforward.  Choose the fields: nodeid (to support linking to the node details page when it goes to the web), nodename, and status (from the custom node poller sub-menu). To the point Nelson (not sure why the link to his user isn't working) was making, you do see 'raw status' in the Advanced Alert Manager, and that is what you would want there, but the Report Writer uses 'status'.  Then, to make sure you have the right custom poller you want to go one tab over to Filter Results and add a condition that says Custom Node Pollers > Poller Name > Whatever Your Poller is called.


                Examples below,