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    Best way to scan for open ports from a LIST of IPs (not a subnet)


      I want to be able to scan from a list of IPs vs a subnet scan for open ports.   Port Scanner does ranges/subnet, but I do not see an option to put in a list of IPs.   Is there a way to do this?   Is there an easy alternative?  

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          While we allow entering multiple address combinations as input for many of our tools we have not added that feature to the PortScanner at this time. I think it is a good feature for the Port Scanner and have recommended it for scheduling... but that does not help you right now. The best workaround available right now is that you can specify the starting and ending addresses on the command line and run multiple PortScanners at the same time. So you could make a batch file that looked similar to this:





          That would allow all the data to be collected at the same time. If you needed to see if in one table you could export each result set and easily cut and paste them together to see it in Excel.