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    RFE: Map functionality


      I'm not sure whether this is the right place, but I'd like to request a product enhancement. Right now, the Map feature can be very useful, especially as regards showing the historical state of the environment, but it's hard to get useful data out of the Map and into, say, a query or report.

      Request: Have a "select all" or multi-select feature in the Map view for a given area, e.g., Virtual Machines. At the moment, there is no way to multi-select the items in a section of the map, so everything has to be checked by hand, one at a time, which is quite challenging with a large list.

      It would also be nice to be able to see more than the first four to six characters of an item in the Map view. A lot of our VMs start with the same prefix, so it's hard to see which ones are being displayed at a glance.

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          Thanks Tom - I have filed request #90453 to track this.

          What kind of report are you trying to generate when you go back in time like this?

          One point to note is that although the map view shows the historical state and performance of the virtual infrastructure, if you select items in this view and generate a report (e.g. "export" to excel) those reports will be based on the latest observed state of that object (i.e. not the state of the object back in time that you were looking at in the map view)



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              Hi, Jon,

              In this particular case, I'm trying to figure out which VMs were running on a datastore at the time of an outage. The Map view is useful from a sysadmin perspective but less so from a reporting perspective. In point of fact, it could use some enhancement with regard to how the objects are presented. It's hard to tell which particular objects are being shown at a glance--you generally have to hover the mouse over each object to see what it is.