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    SNMP & Syslog Alert Copy Feature Request


      So the look and feel of both the SNMP and the Syslog Alert/Rule builder is very similar to the Advanced Alert configuration utility with one glaring defect.  There is no copy nor is there any export/import actions like we have in the traditional NPM alerts.

      For instance right now I am writing SNMP trap rules for traps that come in from our load balancer.  Each trap is identical with the exception of a service name that comes in.  Each service name gets routed to a different team which means I need a different rule and a different action.

      If I had the ability to copy I could simply change the one Trap Details entity and the one Alert action criteria and rinse and repeat until I'm done.  Instead I have 12 different trap rules I have to manually build for each of these different criteria and then also build the actions for each of them.  Seems like a lot of work for a portion of the product that has almost all the look and feel of the alert manager but not all of the features.

      Ok so that is what I want to see long term.  Short term if someone could tell me how I could possible copy a rule from the database I am completely comfortable doing that as a workaround.