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    Node Management with NCM v7 and NPM v10.2 RC's.


      Ok, with this version, the databases for node management have been combined. Thats generally a good thing, however - this totally changes how we use NCM and NPM.

      We have nodes that we backup/compare configs on, etc, that are NOT moniotred in NPM. With this upgrade, that causes me an issue because nodes that we expect to be dynamic in nature (Site-2-site vpns that are only active when data is being transfered from the remote end) are now showing up in our NPM console as down.

      How are we supposed to keep nodes in the NCM database for backups/etc, but NOT monitor them now?  I liked the web-only integration, so that we could manage, to an extent, NCM from the Orion NPM website, but this new setup has removed some of the functionality that we enjoyed with NCM 6.x.

      Am i going to need to "break" the integration, and have NCM run standalone, with no integration?  Not exactly what we were looking at when we purchased these tools, but if thats necessary for us to continue using the tools in the way we had it setup, well, lets just say this upgrade isnt one I am happy with.

      Anyone have a work around so that I dont have to re-install my systems, because at this point, thats pretty much what I see us having to do.