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    Siemens HiPath Wireless Controller C-4110/C-2400


      Helo guys, please is there anyone using Siemens / Enterasys Wireless Controller?

      I'm trying to monitor all the active APs registred on my Controller as well the users connected to each AP.

      * I add the controller as I would do for any regular node.

      * The APs are listed as interfaces and not as access points under the controller

      * It does not list any of the users connected on the APs, neither the statistics for them  (Bytes TX, RX, RSSI...etc)

      I contacted my Siemens Support and was told that I should import the following MIB to Orion in order to see individual users connected 


      That's the firmware I'm running on the controller = Software:

      Please, does anyone had the same issue and was able to solve? Solarwinds Staff, could you please advise?

      Thank you,

      Victor Silva