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    NCM Installation dialogs


      I emailed Francois about this earlier today, but thought I would share this with the crowd.

      During the installation of the NCM 7.0 RC2, we can pick the installation type - standalone, integrated, etc..

      If you pick the Integrated option, there is a warning that the primary server must be upgraded first. Since the RC installs dont have a readme, I was unclear on the proper way to make the upgrade.  If you contine past this screen, your given an chance to identify the primary Orion server, and the install then tells you what to do.

      My concern is on the page you pick to dothe integration (see attached screenshot) it doesnt clearing state to press next for more instructions - some might think, like me, we need to stop here (not 2 screens later) and run the integration on the primary box. The next issue I think might need some addressing is that unless you continue past this screen, you do not know what to run on the primary box.

      The subsequent screens tell you to run the same (full) installer on the primary node. 

      After that, the install seems to go pretty smooth.  (Not for me, but Im sure I broke something along the way).


      In addition, as you go to complete the install, you get asked about your NCM database - pretty straight forward, but then when that wizard completed, I was not clear that I needed to tie into the original NPM database - previously, we had a seperate integration installer that seemed handle that.

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          A couple of other issues I had with the upgrades - Hopefully, these WILL BE addressed before release -

          1. The Jobs folder was relocated. Gratned, I have not read all the forum posts on the NCM 7.x beta and RC - I am still surprized there was no README included in the archive. Is it documented ANYWHERE that the JOBS folder from NCM 6.x to 7.x was relocated?  I was in the process of rebuilding about 30 jobs when Bill Corgey (Solarwinds Support) and I discovered that the develops MOVED the location of the JOBS folder.

          2. There is no mention in the installers about REBOOTING the server after the installation.  After I upgraded my core with the NCM 7 stuff, I had db sync errors - actually, it would not sync at all, until I rebooted the NCM server (not my NPM Core).

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            Please take a look at *** NCM 7.0 RC2 Known Issues - Read before upgrading! *** post by Francois about known issues in NCM 7.0 RC2 and read through his instructions before upgrading your NCM 6.x.

            Thank you,