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    Have a good way to send alerts to different people?


      Can people share how they're directing alerts to different people?

      We have devices that any alert should go to a certain group of people. But there's a subset of them that should also alert other people. For example, we have 4 firewalls. I should get alerted if any of them have an issues, but the local admin at each location only needs to get alerted about his site's firewall.

      Our alerts are based on the event. So nodes going down, interface issues, etc. I could make copies every alert and simply change who it goes to and add a filter for those objects pertinent to those people, but with hundreds of objects this becomes cumbersome and convoluted very quickly. What if another subset exists? etc.

      I don't see any way to make the TO or CC fields be dynamic. I do have email lists in the fields instead of personal email lists. This way, if there is more than one person who needs to know about something, I add them (or remove them) from the email list and voila he gets all alerts that go to that group.