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    How do you calculate the AVG/Peak Utilization of a Frame Relay using Report Writer?


      I am currently using Orion NPM 10.1.2

      Values to get Peak Utilization I am using (which will not be accurate)

      Field: Peak Receive bps sort: * function *

      Field: Peak Transmit bps sort: * function *

      Field: Interface Speed sort: * function: *

      I then export that to excel and add the two peak bps values and divide that into the interface speed and multiply by 100 to get the percentage.  The only problem with that is the following:  Lets say we have a 128k Bandwidth Frame Relay circuit.  If you have a 70 TX and 10 RX kbps at one moment in time the Peak kbps isn't 70 kbps but 80 kbps, you have to add the two together to get the true bandwidth.  So, the above will never give me the true bandwidth because of the following scenario:

      let's say at 12p on a given day the TX peaked at 70 kbps, while the RX was at 10 kbps and the RX peaked at 40 kbps, while the TX was at 60 kpbs at 4p...the above would give me 70 kbps and 40 kbps and I would then have to add the two together and get 110 kbps which is about 86 % utilization of 128k, but that isn't my true peak...at 12p it would be about 63 % and at 4p it would be about 78 %...so my true Peak for this given day would be 78 % not 86 %.

      Is there someone out there that has figured this out?  I am also having the same problem with my utilization alerts.