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    information on features and options


      I love the product but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I have a numerous questions but here just a couple.

      1. Under the SAN Groups there is a sub group labeled "Port Groups". I don't see any way to add anything to this. I am taking it that this would be FC ports or is this only for ISCSI?

      2. Under a physical server client, I can see the disks/LUNs within the disk inventory under Assets, but when I look at physical or logical mappings under the storage tab, I don't have anything showing up. Any thoughts?

      3. I was looking at agent module status to see if there was anything noticable that might cause issue 2 and I see a module named "SAN Module" which is offline. I cannot find any documentation that talks about this module. Can anyone tell me what this module is for and how I would get it on line?