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    Easier identification of volumes no longer in existence.


      This request is for a change to the list resources or potentially even the node management section of NPM.

      Currently as it stands now when you pull up a node in node management and look at the volumes you have no way of determining if those volumes still exist on the node.  Right now I pull up a list resources of a node in one tab (showing me the actively detected volumes on that node) and in another tab I pull up the node in node management and I have to figure out which one is missing.

      After comparing the two I can see that the Q Drive no longer exists and I remove it from monitoring.  What I would like to see (and it could be done a few different ways) would be to potentially alter the List resources to not only show you what is actively on the node but perhaps show what is in monitoring but no longer on the node (maybe simply highlighted)

      A second option would be to add some sort of indicator to a volume to show it is in an unknown state.  When I look at a node that has interfaces unknown (perhaps a VLAN or sub interface removed from a switch) those are clearly noted with a gray icon showing they are unknown.

      Right now my only options are to compare a list resources and what is managed on the node to figure out what is missing.  I just did this same task on a linux node with 32 volumes to find the 1 that had changed.

      I am kind of working around this to some degree with some SQL queries but I am not comfortable with other members of my team accessing SQL directly for something that should be pretty simple to do from the web gui.