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    Availability Report


      I have a question and hoping someone out there can help me. 

      We currently run reports that shows the availability of certain devices in our network.  That report lists every device we want the availability on which is great.  When you go to the reports, then node reports, then availaibility and click on the report labelled Availability of entire network - last month you get a report that shows an availability percentage but no listing of the nodes.  

      My question is this, does anyone know how to creat a report that not only lists the individual nodes I want but then summarizes the percentage of all the selected nodes at the bottom?  We currently just copy and paste it into excel and figure out the average there but I know there must be a better way.

      Please advise.

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          This option is not available as default template.So when you go on to create new report,you have to select Advanced SQL option.Now using SQL query you can build this report.May be an SQL expert can help here.

          Just a hint on the SQL query:To get the average of all and display them at the last can be done using "Union" operator.