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    1 Source addy to many destinations

    j sachs

      I am looking for a way to use Netflow for gathering statistics from 1 source addy to many destination addresses.   Hopefully I am being clear.

      So for instance I want to see all traffic from

      10.30.30.X/24 going to,,

      10.30.30.X/24 is a node in my NTA database and the 160.X.X.X are destinations/sources if you will.

      I tried to use Traffic View Builder but it would only allow me to input one IP for the IP Address/Hostname block.

      The view I get is exactly what I want but I wanted to use a range of IP's not just one if possible.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      NTA 3.7
      NPM 10.1.1
      IPAM 1.7.1
      Orion Core 2010 2.1