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    Possible to have down reasons in Solarwinds?


      So one of the things we want to start tracking is "why was this router down"

      For example. Last night I had a router down, I would like to be able to tag that (with checkbox or text field) something like "weather related".  I might have one that says "planned maintenance" etc. So when I go back and look at the events I can see not only was it down, but why it was down.


      Going one step further, then I would like to be able to create reports based on this, for example "% downtime last month due to weather related issues"  or downtime last month due to maintenance"

      Maybe this is possible now and I just haven't figured it out.



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          Hi tbackus,

          for this purpose you can add Notes when Acknowledging specific alerts (e.g. Node is Down) from the web interface. 


          Then you'll be able to see and export these Notes in Alert Manager GUI application (File -> Settings ->Alert View Columns)


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            The Node Details "last boot" information can help you in sorting out what lost power and what did not.

            Regarding planned maintenance, you could make use of the Unmanage Scheduler so that there is no outage to account for.  Backups at my datacenter were killing availability figures until I started unmanaging hundreds and hundreds of nodes during established backup cycles.

            Using the Notes custom property or one that you create (ReasonForOutage) would open up lots of reporting options.



            An availability report could sort or include/ exclude ReasonForOutage where WTHR_* exists or CKT_ticket_number_* exists.