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    NPM Community read string updating


      The engineering team is planning to change the community read string on about 50 devices  next week.

      We have a total of 800 devices in ORION NPM and NTA.

      What is the best ORION method to keep the community string in sync with the engineers activities?

      While manually doing this with 50 devices is inconvenient it is possible. It is the week after that when they decide to do the other 750 that I am really concerned about.

      This seems like a routine task that must have a smooth solution.



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          I assume you will have some sort of list of names or IP addresses of the machines being changed?  If so do a discovery of those nodes utilizing only the new SNMP string. 

          That would be a pretty simple way to go.  You could even rediscover all the nodes with the new strings on a scheduled basis then every morning check the results.

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              Pretty good response. I wonder how this could be implemented so there is minimum data loss.  (Our engineers plan on several hours to accomplish this task.)

              Perhaps the discovery with both old and new community strings could repeat at intervals until all the network devices had new community strings in place.