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    Count the amount of switch ports



      Since we are in the process to transfer the network responsibility of the warehouse WLAN environment and local network equipment to our central department we would like to present some KPIs to identify the progess and the additional effort.

      For one KPI I would like to know how many switch ports we are managing. All our switches will be monitored by NPM. We are monitoring only some special switch ports, like uplink or router ports.

      My idea is to use the the Universal Device Poller to get the operational status (ifOperStatus) of all switch ports and build a reports which counts the amount of ports.

      When I added this poller to one switch, I only get the operational status of the already monitored ports, nothing more. Why do I not get the operational status of the other ports? Also in the report, I get only already monitored ports, so it seems not to be a problem of web presenting.

      If anyone has an idea how to get the amount of switch ports, that would be great.

      BR Jörg Möllenbeck

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          If I am understanding this correctly,you want to monitor all the ports in a switch.And then create a report with the count of ports on each switch.

          I believe you goto the Node details page and do list resources.Then you have to select all interfaces.Now you would have all the ports showing in the database.So should be able to create a report based on SQL query from there on.

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              Hi Nandish,

              sure that would be the way to monitor all ports. My idea was more to limit the number of requests. I am not interested in any statistics of the ports. Also I don't need the information if the port is up or down, I need only a way to count the ports with the minimized system impact.


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                  Chrystal Taylor

                  As far as I know, you would need to have those interfaces in Orion in order to do any kind of reporting on them.  You can only do a count of interfaces being monitored.  Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but it doesn't seem possible to get a count of the ports if they aren't being monitored.  Hope this helps.

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                We had a requirement to show all ports on a set of switches, whether attached or not, and their state. Here is the query I ended up creating in Report Writer:

                For your purposes you could drop a couple of the fields, like VLAN and ConnectedTo. In our case I also added a Filter Results to get just the required devices, but again your report wouldn't need that.