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    Upgrade path from 10.1 to 10.2...  nightmares?


      Hi forum


      It is that time again, when my Orion install has become unmanageably unreliable  9the god-forsaken memory leak or something from 10.1(ish).  I seem to remember there being patches in 10.1.3 or something but never got to upgrade as I was hoping 10.2 would be out, and the upgrade process is always a total disaster, I thought I would wait.


      Well, here we are and there is an RC3 of 10.2…    my Orion has fallen over again this morning, so I am thinking now is the time…. 


      So I am running:


      SolarWinds Orion Core 2010.2.1 SP1, APM 3.5, IPSLAMGR 3.5.1, NCM 6.0, NPM 10.1.1 SP1, NTA 3.7, IVIM 1.0.0 (6 additional pollers)


      Has anyone seen any issues upgrading in a multi-poller environment from this sort of level, to the latest RC3?  When is the final release planned for, as I would rather wait for full production release, than an RC…


      Cheers all for your support….