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    Writing/Creating Custom Reports


      Please move this to a better forum if this isn't the right place.

      I have been asked to see if I can get Orion to produce a GRAPH report for each of my remote sites showing a trend line for number of bytes moved back and forth to the particular site. I have about 50 sites, all connected to an MPLS network. Management's goal here is to try and establish what sites are busy vs. sites that are beginning to slow down as our business model changes.

      I've seen graphs like this looking at interfaces and such and would like to be able to figure out a way to either schedule or run on request a report going against all my sites, have the report be a series of graphs for each site then either store the reports on-line or email them to the team working this project.

      I need some pointers relative to figuring out how to create a report like this and to help me learn my way areound the reporting tools included with Orion.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated.