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    Suppressing Router Interface Alerts that are part of a  Multilink Interface


      I have routers than have anywhere from 2 to 6 T1 WAN interfaces configured in a Multilink trunk on a Cisco router.  What i am wanting to alert on is if the Node or the Multilink goes down, that the individual circuits are not alerted.  We are monitoring on the LAN interfaces via SNMP.  Does anyone have any examples on how to do this? 

      When the router goes down or loses power, we get an alert on the node, the multilink and up to 6 T1 interfaces.  I would like the alert to be smart enough at if at a minimum the Multilink isn't available, the T1s don't alert, but if the multilink is up, individual T1s that are down alert.

      Thanks in advanace for any help on this.