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    Looking for list of NCM variables


      I'm looking for a complete list of built-in variables that I could use in NCM scripts or change templates.

      Specifically, I'm trying to mass change the hostname and domain of Cisco devices based on the Node Name in Solarwinds database. We recently adopted a new naming convention, so we re-named the devices in NPM / NCM hoping to automate the process of renaming the devices itself.

      I want to run a script that would look something like this:

      conf t

      hostname ${NodeName}

      ip domain-name ${NodeDomain}


      wri mem

      But I can't seem to find the correct variables to use. I saw a list of NCM global variables listed in the Admin Guide, but didn't find what I was looking for. I was thinking of parsing out the domain and hostname out of the Solarwinds Node name.

      Any help would be appreciated.