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    Critical links alerts and/or reports



      I've been trying to set up some more extensive monitoring of my critical links, but so far with no luck. I hope some of you can help me :o)


      1. Group alerts:

      I've created some groups where I've added all my critical links. My intention was to create an Alert if any of my critical links has an utilization above 80%. However it appears that it isn't possible to create an alert on interfaces in a group (same issue as stated in Error message building Advanced Alert using a Group as a condition). Does any one know whether it is possible to do this (or similar functionality) in any way, or do I have to wait for SolarWinds to do implement this in the future?


      2. Custom report:

      Since it appears that it isn't possible to do this by creating an group/interface alert, I figured that I at least could monitor my links, utiliztion wise, by creating a custom report. I am however not SQL-savy and need some help. Does any one of you have made something similar where I could "borrow" some code? My intention is to get an idea how the utilization of my critical links is over time so we can avoid possible future bottlenecks on our critical links. To clearify, I would like to make a report to see the utilization (in %) over time of the interfaces added to the group "Critical links".


      I hope that some of you are able to help me.

      Best regards and thanks in advance,