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    Report traffic spikes


      We have a report that shows the average receive and transmit bps on interfaces over the past 7 days, grouped by node name, interface. We would like to show the change in the average from day to day.


      So for example

      NIC1: receive-bps-avg-day1: 80Mbps
      NIC1: transmit-bps-avg-day1: 75Mbps
      NIC1: receive-bps-avg-day2: 100Mbps
      NIC1: transmit-bps-avg-day2: 90Mbps

      I want to see in a report that NIC1 receive-bps-avg went up 20Mbps from day 1 to day 2. and transmit went up 10Mbps.

      Is there a way to report on the change? I don't need to necessarily see what the numbers were, just what the change was. Either bps or % change (grew 20% for example).

      Basically we're trying to build a report that will make us aware of any sudden spikes or drops in traffic utilization. we should be consisten every night, but for various reasons something will change and cause a different speed. Across dozens of nodes, it's hard to see each one.