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    Disable all actions for all advanced alerts from the Orion web page ?????



      I would like to have the ability to disable actions on alerts from the web interface. I know I can do this from the "Orion performance monitor" application on the server but I want to set this up on the admin web page so I/we don't have to log into the server to click "disable all action for advanced alerts". If I could do this from the web then I could have more flexibility on who can disable the actions. I could allow certain users in Orion to disable the alerts for maintenance from the webpage. Not everyone has rights to log on directly to the server to access the “oroin performance monitor” application where you can check a box to disable actions but they do have access to the orion webpage.

      Another wish would be to have the ability to disable the alerts from the web page and have a timeframe associated with the disable similar to the way we can unmanage a node for a certain time period, 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days. Whatever is needed at the time.

      Also would be nice to have something on the main web page notify you when the "actions" are disabled. Like the background in Orion changes, or there is some message posted that visually alerts users that actions are currently disabled. My group has disabled the actions several times and has forgotten to enable the actions after maintenance was complete. A solution to this would be great other than smacking my team members on the forehead for messing up.

      Any ideas would be very helpful!