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    get config command stops at --- more --- paging prompt


      Hey guys,

      we have the following problem when running Kiwi Cat tool's Device.Backup.Running Config with the command  "get conf" on a Juniper Netscreen Firewall:

      It always stops at the end of a page infront of the paging prompt "--- more ---"

      debug log:

      <W-14:26:41>ssh -2 -l root ip <R-14:26:41>ssh -2  -l root ip<W-14:26:41>[13]<R-14:26:42>[13][13][10]<R-14:26:42>root@ip's  password:  <W-14:26:42>pw[13]<R-14:26:42>[13][10]<R-14:26:43>Remote  Management Console[13][13][10]DE-MAR-GW-001->
      WFDRetVal=0. Waiting for: "accept this agreement y/[n]"
      WFDBuffer="[13][10]remote management console[13][13][10]de-mar-gw-001-> "
      <W-14:26:46>[13]<R-14:26:46>[13][10]<R-14:26:46>[13][13][10]DE-MAR-GW-001->  <W-14:26:46>get conf<R-14:26:46>get  conf<W-14:26:46>[13]<R-14:26:46>[13][10]<R-14:26:47>get  conf[13][13][10]Total Config size 36578:[13][13][10]BEGIN  CONFIG******************************END CONFIG [13][13][10]--- more ---  <W-14:26:47>  <R-14:26:47>
      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "--unknown keyword"
      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "command not completed"
      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "insufficient arguements"
      WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "[y]/n"
      WFMDRetVal=5 Waiting for: "y/[n]"
      WFMDRetVal=6 Waiting for: "--- more --- "
      WFMDRetVal=7 Waiting for: "DE-MAR-GW-001->"
      WFMDRetVal=8 Waiting for: "DE-MAR-GW-001->"
      WFMDRetVal=9 Waiting for: "DE-MAR-GW-001("
      WFMDBuffer=" "
      <W-14:27:17>exit[13]<D 14:27:17>
      <PROMPT VTY="DE-MAR-GW-001->">
      <PROMPT ENABLE="DE-MAR-GW-001->">
      <PROMPT CONFIG="">

      Does someone have an idea what could be the problem? It should run, actually, as we have other netscreen firewalls that work fine with the command get conf.


      - Kiwi CatTools 3.3.17 Enterprise (Device.Backup Running Config)

      - OS: Windows Server 2003

      - Device: Firewall NetScreen SSG5.

      I'll highly appreciate getting your quick feedback for resolving this problem.

      Thank you in advance,